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2021 Honda CB350RS Launched in India – Know Details

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Another variant has been launched off the Honda CB350 highness. This is the new CB350RS. The manufacturer is aiming to launch even more variants in the future. Now let us look at the new CB350RS has on offer.

2021 Honda CB350 RS Design and Dimensions

The new CB350RS features a bold Honda badge on the massive fuel tank gives a heritage-inspired look that is hard to miss. 7-Y shaped alloy wheels not only makes the handling and manoeuvrability better and lighter but also announces a distinctive modern roadster look. CB350RS gets the same round-shaped LED Headlamp with a unique ring design accentuates the retro-modern look.

The eye-shaped LED winkers and under-seat sleek LED tail lamp outlines a timeless silhouette. Lighter black smoked front & rear fender helps CB350RS shed an overall weight and give a sportier image. The muffler on the side gets smoky-black finish accentuated with the use of chrome. Fork boots on front suspension give a rugged look while the Sporty looking grab rail compliments the overall design of CB350RS. The CB350RS will be available in two color options – Radiant Red Metallic and Black with Pearl Sports Yellow.

2021 Honda CB350 RS Radiant Red Metallic

2021 Honda CB350 RS Chassis, suspension and brakes

Wide pattern tyres (front – 100/90, rear – 150/70) increase stability in different riding conditions and improve overall road grip. The 19-inch front wheel gives a distinctive modern look coupled with a 17-inch wheel at the back providing a lower rear stance. The half-duplex cradle frame in steel pipe is used for a soft steering feel. Load allocated to the front is optimized by mounting the engine at low position to lower the centre of gravity, which affects the overall riding feel and manoeuvrability of the motorcycle.

A highly rigid box-section steel tube is used for the swing arm to effectively reduce distortion and transmit the torque of the driving force to road surface improving overall comfortable riding feel. The skid plate underneath provides extra protection for the engine so you can take on streets effortlessly. The ‘tuck and roll’ design of the seat gives superior cushioning providing a relaxed ride for daily commuting as well as during leisure rides. CB350RS offers a forward-leaning riding position to match the sporty riding stance. Large section front suspension not only enhances the massive imposing image but also provides immense comfort on rough roads. The pressurized nitrogen-charged rear suspension provides highly responsive rear damping performance.

2021 Honda CB350 RS Speedometer

Segment First Advanced Digital-Analogue Meter integrates details like torque control, ABS, Side stand indicator with engine inhibitor, gear position indicator and battery voltage. The ride experience is further enriched with fuel efficiency details displayed in three modes:
1. Real time mileage: Displays live fuel efficiency
2. Average mileage: It displays average mileage based on the history of riding pattern and condition.
3. Distance to empty: shows the distance your CB350RS can travel with remaining fuel in tank

Go on a smarter ride using Eco Indicator that uses sensors to measure the riding speed and injected fuel volume to determine the economical riding. Engine Start/Stop Switch gives the convenience of turning-off the engine on brief stops with a flick of a switch. Ensuring safety of riders in low visibility conditions is the Hazard Switch feature. A bolder and muscular 15-litre fuel tank and top-class mileage ensure a longer ride. Go on a smarter ride using Eco Indicator that uses sensors to measure the riding speed and injected fuel volume to determine the economical riding.

2021 Honda CB350 RS_Black with Pearl Sports Yellow (1)

Honda CB350 RS Price and Launch

The motorcycle is launched in February 2021 and is priced at Rs 1.96 lakhs.

Honda CB350 RS Engine And Specification

The CB350RS is powered by a 350cc, air-cooled 4-stroke OHC single-cylinder engine, which produces max power of 21 PS @5500 rpm. The advanced PGM-FI system using on-board sensors constantly ensures optimum fuel delivery to the engine as per the riding conditions allowing efficient combustion and lesser emissions. It delivers a category-leading max torque of 30 Nm@3000 rpm, which makes it an easy-going versatile motorcycle for the urban daily city commute. The engine uses an offset cylinder position that reduces the sliding friction and asymmetrical connecting rod ensures minimum energy loss while combustion. It uses closed crankcase with a wall between crankcase and transmission reducing energy loss due to internal friction.

The air cooling system maintains highly dense air intake to improve efficiency and ensures favourable combustion in all rpm ranges by keeping the engine temperature within the ideal range. The piston cooling jet improves engines thermal efficiency, leading to improved fuel efficiency. Main shaft coaxial balancer placed on the cylinder eliminates both primary & secondary vibrations making CB350RS a perfect riding companion.

CB350RS comes with a large tailpipe of 45mm that optimizes balance with the muffler capacity, producing a bold low-pitched sound. A single one-chamber structure in the expansion chamber helps deliver a rich thumping exhaust note when you wind on the throttle. Exhaust pipes are double skinned to prevent heat discolouration and intact the visual appeal for long. Segment First Assist and Slipper Clutch make gear shifts smoother while reducing clutch lever operation load ensuring less fatigue and more comfort during a rides that involve frequent shifting.

2021 Honda announces global premier of CB350 RS (1)

Honda CB350 RS Safety Features

Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), a smart torque control system, helps in maintaining rear-wheel traction by detecting the difference between the front and rear wheel speeds, calculating the slip ratio and further controlling engine torque via the fuel injection. HSTC can be turned ON/OFF using a switch on the left side of the meter. A ‘T’ indicator in the digital display glows when the system is engaging. Dual-channel ABS prevents wheels from locking when brakes are applied in an emergency or when operated on slippery roads ensuring a greater sense of confidence. Anchoring the motorcycle is a large 310mm disc brake on the front and 240mm rear disc.

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