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8’th Generation Rolls Royce Phantom Unveiled Worldwide – King Is Back

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8’th Generation Rolls Royce Phantom Unveiled sets a new benchmark with space, comfort and will offer blistering performance

Rolls Royce, one of the world’s most renowned luxury car manufacturer, has launched the 8th generation Phantom and retains the spot of the most luxurious car in the world. Here are some facts about this piece of art.

Let’s start from the front. The car gets a taller grille section, with the spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament sitting half inch higher than its predecessor. Also the grille has been integrated into the surrounding bodywork. Beside the grill, sits a pair of the new ‘Laser Headlamps’, which are surrounded by an expensive ring of daytime running lamps, which the company claims that it is the most powerful and advanced in the world and will cast light well over 600 meters down the road.

About the engine, the car comes with an all-new 6.75 L twin-turbo V12 engine that produces 563 hp and 900 Nm of torque, and is connected to the wheels by an 8-speed gearbox. The uniqueness of this gearbox is that, it uses ‘satellite aided’ technology to ensure it is always in the correct gear.

The Rolls Royce Phantom has an all-new Aluminium chassis, also known as “Architecture of Luxury” designed especially for Rolls Royce. The platform is highly-flexible and can accommodate various size and weight requirements as well as different propulsion systems and traction-control systems. This platform will be used on all the future models of Ghost, Wraith, Dawn and the Project Cullinan, which is the first attempt in making a crossover.

Ensuring the passenger has a magic carpet ride, the Rolls Royce Phantom also comes with a self-leveling air suspension system, which makes millions of calculations every second and reacts to Acceleration, Steering and Camera inputs. The company wanted this generation of Phantom to be the most silent motor car in the world, and so they have installed more than 130 kgs of sound insulation, large cast aluminium joints, and ‘6mm two-layer glazing all around the car.’

The company says that these changes have made the 8th Generation Phantom 10% quieter than its predecessor at 100 km/hr. Safety is a priority in such expensive cars, and Rolls Royce has provided one of the best safety systems available in the market. The car comes with a boast of safety features that include alertness assistant, active cruise control, cross-traffic warning, collision warning and lane change warning, along with airbags, ABS and EBD.

The interiors on the Rolls Royce Phantom are amazing, and Rolls Royce has provided one of the best and highest quality wood for the Phantom. The car gets all-new front seats, which feel more comfortable and has lots of high quality wood inserts, not only for decoration but also to cover the rear picnic tables and Rear Entertainment system, with the touch of a button. The driver’s side will also find two 12.3-inch TFT displays, an analogue clock, and much more customisable options such as starlight head liner, assorted wood trims and much more.

The real luxury can be found in the rear, with several offerings such as intimate lounge seats, individual seats with an occasional arm rest, individual seats with fixed centre console, and the newly introduced ‘sleeping seat’. All of these features come with a hefty price tag, and so the base price of the car in India is still not known, but we expect the base price to be 7 Crore Rupees. Waiting for the car to be showcased at the Indian Auto Expo in 2018

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