Monday, February 6, 2023

BREAKING! Porsche Roti and Porsche Kapda Launch in 2024

After the phenomenal success of Porsche Macan, Porsche is now set to make two more models. The Porsche Roti and Porsche Kapda. These will be only powered biofuels, specifically the Porsche Roti. For the Porsche Kapda, the fuel will be derived from old designer clothes which will be recycled and juiced out to deliver maximum performance. These fuels will be made available shortly by Porsche on its own to its customers.

The cylinder arrangement is set to be round in shape. one turbo can help spool up all the 8-cylinders and deliver maximum thrust from the word go. Porsche Taycan? Who needs that! Porsche Roti will be only available in khaki colour with blacked-out bits to make sure it stands out. Porsche Kapda will come in Denim Blue and Khaki colour as well but the other bits such as wheels, mirrors and roof will be available in all colours except black.

Porsche Roti and Porsche Kapda (2)

Porsche will be tying up with partners to make these SUV’s stand out and they are very likely to be Indian manufacturer such as Maharaja Thali Pvt Ltd. Porsche Kapda on the other hand will be made in collaboration with Raymond India Pvt Ltd. Every other manufacturer is coming to India and this is a proud moment. Porsche will make sure these SUV’s have the best interior and will be made entirely of fabric for the Porsche Kapda and Porsche Roti will be made of biodegradable things. Audi already makes fabric out of pet bottles, so Porsche could one-up it easily.

Porsche Roti and Porsche Kapda (1)

Porsche Roti will have to be bought with the accessory kit called Porsche Roti and Sabzi kit. A must-have accessory to make sure your car smells and looks fantastic. Porsche Kapda will come in any size you ask, thanks to the fantastic modular platform that the company has! If you are still reading this and think this is going to happen, well, you haven’t checked what date it is today.

Mohit Soni
Mohit Soni
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