CNG Scooters Launched BY MGL, Provided By Lovato, Promises to be insanely efficient!


CNG Scooters Launched BY MGL will more efficient and environmental friendly by a big margin and will help save cost too

CNG equipped motorcycles have been a hot topic since over a year now. How to get things right and is it possible has been raised. Several personal projects have shown progress and now government and major CNG supplier to the market has stepped in and made things official. After six months of testing, the first product is here and it is finally available for mass markets now.

The CNG kit for two wheelers comprises of two CNG cylinders. Both cylinders have capacity of 1.2 kg each. Something that can help run up to 120 to 130 km per kg. All of this means that the approximate cost of INR 0.60 per km per single fill and is expected here. This will substantially economical as compared to a similar petrol run vehicle at the current level of prices as per the kit manufacturer. In the initial phase, the scooters shall be retrofitted with a CNG kit manufactured by Lovato.

Presently two kit manufacturers namely M/s ITUK & M/s Lovato have got two-wheeler CNG kits approved by ARAI, Pune and ICAT Gurgaon respectively. Lovato has an approval for 18 Scooter models of various OEMs present in the market that can be fitted with this kit. Considering the huge potential of this segment other CNG-kit manufacturers are also planning to launch their two-wheeler kits.

In the current state following multiple scooter variants can run on CNG fuels.

Hero Duet with 110.9cc
Hero Maestro with 109cc
Hero Pleasure with 102cc

TVS Jupiter with 109.7cc
TVS Wego with 109.7cc
TVS Scooty Zest with 109.7cc

Honda Activa 125 with 124.9cc
Honda Dio with 109.2cc

Yamaha Alpha with 113cc
Yamaha Fascino with 113cc
Yamaha Ray with 113cc

Mahindra Duro DZ with 124.6cc
Mahindra Gusto with 109.6cc
Mahindra Gusto 125 with 124.6cc

Suzuki Access with 124cc
Suzuki LET’S with 112.8cc
Suzuki Swish with 124cc
Vespa with 124.49cc


Easy availability and accessibility of CNG stations across the driving destinations, barring few peaks in the day due to shift timings of the autos and taxis, there is almost a drive-in, fill-up and drive-out scenario in most CNG stations. The present infrastructure allows 27 lakh kgs of CNG per day which can fuel over 10 lakh vehicles in its operational area. Additionally, MGL has also launched MGL Connect Mobile App (available on Google Play Store) which will help consumers to find the nearest CNG station in cities. It is important to think what kind of power loss and other issues that can come up with the fitment which requires more attention then petrol engines.

The average distance among CNG stations across MMR in the given zone are
Western: 1.52 KM
Central: 1.47 KM
Navi Mumbai: 3.2 KM
Kalyan, Dombivali, Ambernath and Badlapur (KDAB): 4.5 KM

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