Honda Activa CNG Kits Testing Begins in Delhi, Launch For Masses Soon


Honda Activa CNG Kits have been introduced and will be tested by delivery boys thanks to their large usage and will provide more data on the same

The Government of India has launched Honda Activa CNG Kits to curb increasing pollution levels in New Delhi. The Delhi Government seems like to be completely taken a hard and long fight against pollution. Launching CNG kits for two-wheelers just because they are petrol powered engines doesn’t necessarily mean it can help. Hence, Before the project begins, the ministry has launched a programme of 50 Honda Activa scooters that have been retrofitted with CNG kits. The first lot of scooters is being tested by Dominos Pizza Delivery vehicles.

From this test, the government make concrete results whether to put it up for sale for the public. These CNG kits are manufactured by Ituk Manufacturing, and are approved ARAI and Transport Department along with NCT of Delhi. The CNG kit retrofitted in scooters comprises two CNG cylinders of 4.8-litre water capacity each, which can be take upto 1 kg of CNG each.

Honda Activa CNG

The Government claims the scooter can return a fuel efficiency figure of of 120 kilometers in a single fill, which makes it substantially economical and a lot more environment-friendly. When the idle emission test were carried out by the authorities, the hydrocarbon emissions from CNG retrofitted two wheelers were down by 75% and carbon monoxide emissions are also down by 20% lesser when you compare to the petrol only driven models.

While it sounds great on paper and initial test show positive feedback. All of this will seen and researched even further where it is truly efficient and economical in every way. Two-wheelers running on CNG has been long thought which seems to be given daylight. We will have to see what the results come as it can vary and what, the donor bike, Honda, as a manufacturer has to say about it.

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