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Honda Cars Will Use HMSI Dealerships To Increase Reach

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Honda Cars Will Use HMSI Dealerships To Increase Reach and sales of the cars that Honda intends to sell more. Suzuki and Maruti are already doing this as well

Japanese automobile venture Honda is eagerly expecting to leverage its distribution network along with its customer base of its 2-wheeler business to trigger their sale of cars, as they are targeting to achieve a double- digit share percentage in the desi market. The company has so far sold out 1,57,313 entities within which 57,984 units were City, and developing more than two thirds of the volumes were followed up by Jazz, Amaze, and WR-V altogether resulting in the sales of 72,305 vehicles. In addition to this, the company possesses a registered sales of 38,562 vehicles in the April-June quarter, this year, there by growing 21 percent .Honda’s market use stands at a normal 5.3 percent.

The company is able to efficiently juggle both the two wheeler and four wheeler businesses under one roof across the big blue marble. Although when India is considered, the company has two different ventures to handle the sales separately for the two and four wheelers and this is especially because of the joint venture partners like SIEL for cars and Hero group for two wheelers.

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In the near future, Honda will certainly be the game changer, as it shows strong growth signs in sales of the two wheeler entities and the company’s business is expected to bloom fragrantly in the desi market. The company seems to possess a strategy to collaborate with its two wheeler dealing partners, and that too in the village areas, which almost shows two third of volumes of car market leader Maruti Suzuki and also to examine their chances of invading into the market for gearing up their two wheeler customer base to propel up their car sales.

The 2-wheeler wing of the company, Honda Motorcycles and Scooters, India boasts a well-built trading tessellations in India with an astonishing total of 5379 dealer outlets, branches and sub branches. It has been seven years since it got separated from the Hero group, which has become the biggest scooter manufacturer and the second largest motorcycle manufacturer brand in the desi market. Comparatively, Honda possesses 348 selling outlets, widely spread across 233 cities.

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