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Hyundai Applauded Maruti For Making Lighter and Efficient Cars That It Cannot Achieve

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On the anvil of the Verna launch, Hyundai Applauded Maruti because they are making cars which it cannot achieve the right balance of efficient and spacious cars

Hyundai is making sure it gets the buzz it needs around the Verna to promote. A product which has a 50% chance of succeeding in the market. The Verna has almost everything, some subjective things with the sedan but it lacks completely on space which a C-Segment car is suppose to offer. A fact that the Nissan Sunny aced in 2014 with the launch and gave enormous space in the rear and tried to dethrone the City and the Verna.

The manufacturer succeed temporarily but did not get the full cake as the Nissan brand suffers. Hyundai continues to be arrogant and did increase space in the Verna since the 1’st Generation that made it to India. Even the Elantra, which should cover up for this fact naturally, isn’t segment best in space either. Hyundai also brought Mercedes and BMW into the discussion while saying Mercedes is ahead by double margins and BMW is second and it aspires to be the same for a really long time.

Now the brand wants to make sure it is heard by saying the fact that they cannot reach Maruti’s level of engineering. Be it carving out space, providing light weight cars which are far more efficient and spacious while being comfortable at the same time. Many of Maruti’s product are made in India and sold in many world markets.

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Clearly, the manufacturer is all ready with to meet all safety norms against time with all the products as Indian safety norms kick in October 2017. Something with Hyundai, it still isn’t ready as it doesn’t provide either ABS or airbags in one car or the other as standard. Meanwhile Maruti is now offering all its new cars with safety as standard. While other older cars have safety packages to choose from and they will be updated within a span of two years.

Maruti’s Ciaz is still a far better option as it has a well designed exterior and high quality interior and has oodles of space in the rear against the new Verna. Hyundai’s start-up approach of grabbing eye balls at the APPROPRIATE time could hit them in the future. However, the brand also says that the company doesn’t want aim for first segment. This is because Maruti has an advantage as it came in the market in 1985 and it came in the market in 1996.


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