Mahindra Bolero Sales Get Stronger – Achieves Milestone Number


Mahindra Bolero Sales Get Stronger despite a market slow down

Mahindra today announced that its Pick-up vehicle range touched a new milestone, crossing the 1.5 lakh mark in domestic sales during FY-2019. The Mahindra Pick up range has sold 1,62,000 vehicles in FY-2019, compared to 1,49,121 vehicles in FY-2018, registering a 9% growth. This is the highest ever annual sales growth for Mahindra’s Pick-up range since its launch.

Mahindra Pickups have been the market leaders since their launch, the key reason being the customer centric approach, in addition to the product offering itself. The company has introduced new products and technologies at regular intervals to address evolving customer needs, by constantly updating its products.

For example, Mahindra introduced the first AC pick up, first 4×4 Pickup, first Double Cabin Pick up, the first CNG pick up and the first Micro Hybrid Pick up over a period, to maintain its market leadership.

Today, the Pick-up segment in India has sales of over 14,000 vehicles per month and is growing rapidly. With 58% market share in FY-2019, the Mahindra Pick up has pioneered this segment and enjoys a leadership position in the segment.

Each brand offers a unique value proposition and is targeted at different customer segments to match their specific needs. Pickup portfolio consists of a wide spectrum of products and it helps us to address the needs of varied segments, without any overlap. Specialized variants in the range such as the 4WD Pickups, CBC Pickups, and customized solutions to offer the desired value to our customers.

BOLERO maxi truck

The Mahindra Pick up range consists of brands such as the Bolero Maxi Truck, Bolero Pik-up, Bolero Camper, & Imperio.

Bolero Maxitruck Plus
The Bolero Maxitruck Plus is an entry level Pick up aimed at the transportation needs of load stand operators and traders across India to ensure last-mile connectivity. It comes equipped with the tried and tested, powerful m2DiCR engine with 63 BHP (46.3 kW) power and best-in-class 195 Nm torque. The Bolero’s style meets Pick up functionality and makes the Bolero Maxitruck Plus an ideal city Pick up.

Bolero Pik-up
This is the flagship model of Mahindra Pick up range which exceeds customer expectations on parameters like load capacity, power, torque and maintenance costs. It has biggest in industry payload capacity of 1,700 kg, the longest cargo deck of 2765mm (9 ft) and 52.2kW Power (70 BHP) making it Maha Strong. Rugged exteriors and stylish interiors make this pick-up the ideal earning machine. With variants of 2WD, 4WD, CBC, & CNG variants – it covers the entire spectrum of needs that customers have from this Pick-up Brand.

Bolero Camper
The Bolero Camper is a double cabin Pick up which is powered by the Mahindra DI engine and is available in 2WD, 4WD and Gold versions. These double cabins Pick up models are ideal for customers who look for dual applications- namely, load carrying and people carrying. Bolero Campers are popular among infrastructure companies, contractors & builders across the country.

The Imperio is a premium pick up with SUV stance and bold road presence. It comes equipped with DI engine with 75bhp (56Kw) power and 220 Nm torque. It is powered by world class technology including Fuel Smart technology, brakes with LSPV & telematics compatibility. Refined driving experience with unparalleled comfort and drivability makes this pick up an ideal choice.

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