SCOOP! NEW Duke 190 Duke 250 2017 Duke 390 – Launch Material from KTM on 23’rd February


Our sources confirm with us that the NEW Duke 190 Duke 250 2017 Duke 390 are coming in and will offer intense price per BHP ratio

There are rumors in the motorcycle market as we speak that the KTM Duke 250 is on its way to the Indian market. The motorcycle is said to be export oriented only and will go to specific markets like Japan and other Asian countries, except home ground, India. Bajaj ‘seem’ to confirm these rumors couple of weeks back by saying that these motorcycles are not coming to India. However, our sources say that the motorcycle is set to come to the Indian market in a whole new way and will have a different strategy behind it. KTM Duke 250 will make it to the Indian market in a rather skimped down version.


The motorcycle will get NO ABS or slipper clutch or expensive Metzeler tyres that it is being exported with. We even have a speculative pricing of Rs. 1.90/1.95 lakhs for the Duke 250. One thing is for sure that the RC 250 isn’t coming to the market. The earlier rumors suggested the same as it would go against the Duke 390 directly because the prices would be identical to the naked and powerful sibling. The Duke 200 on the other will be priced around Rs. 1.65 lakhs and the Duke 390 is speculated to reach Rs. 2.70 Lakhs these are most likely on-road figures.

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You see, here is the reason why we tend to believe that the Duke 250 does make sense is that there is a large gap between the Duke 200 and Duke 390, which the Duke 250 ‘can’ easily fill in. Even if it reaches Rs. 2.1 lakh mark in some cities, it would still make sense because the RC200 reaches Rs. 1.95 lakhs. Also keep in mind these are on-road prices for Mumbai. Just like the Duke 390, the Duke 250 will be an enthusiast choice, the subtle fuel tank increase over the previous bike, the more power than the 200, (249cc 30 PS and 24 Nm) the comfortable riding position over the RC200 all makes sense.


Duke 190 and will replace the Duke 200 name and will follow the KTM ’90’ name philosophy. This naming strategy will help the brand help sell the KTM Duke 250. Duke 190 will get the same styling as the current 200 and will completely revised graphics, orange wheels and most likely orange chassis as well. There are more details on what the KTM Duke 190 specs will be, has the cubic capacity also come down? Will it get a side exhaust? This is something we are set to find out at the launch itself.

Duke 190 will act just like how the R15 acts for Yamaha. Both are prime examples of affordable and entry level sport biking in the country today. KTM and Bajaj want to offer a range of motorcycles to the prospective buyers looking for affordable street fighters, something that the parent company of KTM has been doing for the past one and a half decade. Duke 200 in its new avatar which looks like the new Duke 390 and 250 will be continue to be sold in international markets.


KTM will take too much charge and market share in the quarter litre segment which now starts from 200cc to 400cc and a new 250cc Duke along with a revised Duke 190 will help it get the right market share and give tough times to its cousins in the stable (Dominar 400 anyone?).

Let’s not forget the sole competition from the BMW G310R and Akula 310 which are coming in shortly is making Bajaj take these decisions as it wants to keep the crown of the performance market leadership to itself. All of this, may sound a lot to digest, but enthusiast can rather enjoy the endless option in the market that are available right now and that are yet to come.

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NEW Duke 190 Duke 250 2017 Duke 390 Review
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