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Stories That Were True: Celebrities Pay Less Than Half The Price For A Luxury Car

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Celebrities Pay Less for cars because they end up promoting it endlessly over the due course of ownership Audi R8 For 80 Lakhs on-road? Why Not?

Are you wondering how much celebrities pay for buying luxury cars? The truth is that they never pay the sticker price. Normal people get a discount of 3 to 5 percent and some benefits on luxury cars. But for celebs, it works out to 30%,40% or even 60% depending upon the popularity of the celeb. While normal cricketers or soap stars get a mere 20% off, Bollywood or a sporting biggie get upto 60% off. Once he tweets or posts a photo with the car in social media, he becomes an unofficial ambassador of the company.

There are many ways in which a luxury car company utilize their celeb customers. Sometimes, they take a car in exchange for a number of appearances over a period of time that include their presence at certain events, social media updates and pushing the brand through their social commitments. The trade-off is that the company offers a vehicle in exchange of payment for tweets, Instagram feed and Facebook updates.

Sometimes, a big celebrity may directly connect with the car company to get the best discount on the brand of their choice. Some senior marketing managers of luxury car companies say that by giving discounts to the companies, the product is automatically showed to the targeted audience, and also arrange a media event while delivering the car.


Another way to do is to offer the celebrity the car of his/her choice as a test drive demo for a month or two and at the end, if they like the car, it is sold as a used car instead of a brand-new car at a lower rate.

The long-term relationship between a brand and a celebrity is when the brand hires a celebrity to promote the company and his presence will be used in launch events, showcase events and much more. Hence, the luxury car companies utilize the celebrities as an ambassador for promoting the company.

Mohit Soni
Mohit Soni
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