2017 Renault Kwid 1.0 Litre Engine With Manual Gearbox Launched At Rs. 3.82 Lakhs


2017 Renault Kwid 1.0 Litre Engine With Manual Gearbox offers best in class performance and efficiency, continues to lack on safety

Renault Kwid is now a new name synonym with the small car fraternity. Small car buyers actually liked the Kwid when it was launched last year and it ended up taking the market by storm. Then the market bought it as if there was storm coming.

Renault sold bucket loads of Kwid till date. 1 Lakh delivers are set to happen really soon and 70,000 have been delivered. 1.65 Lakh bookings already till date for 800cc and 1.0 litre have been achieved. Renault made sure it just doesn’t do one single engine and leave the car to go ahead. Renault has plans to milk with the Kwid as it has today launched the 2017 Renault Kwid 1.0 Litre Engine after the 800cc version.

Next launch will be the AMT version which will happen next quarter or exactly when the festive season starts. Renault has delivered the 1.0 litre manual engine gearbox at a stunning price tag of Rs. 3.82 lakhs. The option RXT variant is priced Rs. 3.95 lakhs. Certainly then the 1.0 litre manual gearbox equipped engine has more punch and delivers best in class mileage and power to weight ratio. All of this just for Rs 22,000 over the top end variant of the of 800cc motor is quite good value for money. Budget conscious buyers can still stick to 800cc as the starting price is 2.64 lakhs.

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Renault however, continues to sell the Kwid with the lack of safety features on the Kwid with the new one litre engine as well. Driver airbag is optional, ABS is missing and there is no passenger airbag as an option. NCAP has rated the structure on the weak side as well. We hope the AMT model gets the safety features as automatic customers wouldn’t mind spending a bit more for more safety and more convenience.

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