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2017 Bajaj V12 Review, Road Test

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2017 Bajaj V12 is a scaled down version of the V15 that makes it stand up on the top in the 125cc segment automatically

Enchanting –

  • Unique aesthetics for a commuter
  • Superlative chassis and engine
  • Comfortable and fuel efficient
  • Value For Money

strong>Unsatisfying –

  • No Disc Brake yet

Bajaj is all set to take 2017 by the neck. It plans a massive onslaught of vehicles in every single category it exists and will create some more. The manufacturer has started with an statement saying all their vehicles including three wheelers now meet BSIV emission norms. This will include motorcycle getting AHO, ABS and BSIV emission numbers coming out of their exhaust. Bajaj is now in the very high segment as well as in the lower segment with new brands.

The Dominar and the V. After testing the 400cc power cruiser last week, we are here to test the Bajaj V12. Yes, it is not a cylinder arrangement, but a motorcycle based on the Vikrant motorcycle platform that goes into the lower segment. Followers would know that we had reported the same as the motorcycles of this platform will go lower in capacity and not upper. V12 is the exact example of the same. We have finally ridden the Bajaj V12 to tell you what are the difference, what you should be looking for and whether you should be getting this as your premium 125cc motorcycle that you have been looking for.



Styling wise, the motorcycle stays mostly unchanged. There is the massive fuel tank with the INS Vikrant metal used in unknown quantity to make this tank. The fuel cap embodies the name and all the nostalgia and pride that is connected to this motorcycle. The side panels are also the same and so are decals that have been used. The decals on the other hand are different in color. The rear tail-piece is the same swoopy unit which houses the large LED tail-lamps. There is long slim mudguard which looks slightly out of place. The color coordinated handlebar weights are also given an omission.


The alloy wheels are different, but they continue have pin stripes on offer. There is now a old school fork gator added to distinguish from the V15. The predator inspired looking headlights continue to be on offer and so does the large and meaty exhaust continue to grab eye balls. Fit and finish along with quality is getting great with Bajaj motorcycles as V15 started this and V12 has the same traits. Overall, as we know the design resembles to a very high premium cruiser manufacturer from Europe, but in local context the design seems to have struck right cord with most buyers.

Speedo and Switches


The case remains the same as before. The switches are identical that means they have pass light button but the engine kill switch button is missing. The meters also continue with the same format, but the digital fuel gauge is know gone and is replaced with the age old analogue one. There is a screen below which houses the tell-tale lights and the speedo on the left side houses the odometer and there are no trip meters on offer.



The handlebars are short and narrow and they fall to your hand directly. The seating position is a commanding and upright to make things comfortable for daily commute. Seats are well done and cushioning is just right. The pillion seat continues to be offered with a optional cowl. For the pillion, seat is comfortable and it has a grab handle to hold on to. Foot pegs are center set which allows for neutral riding position and liberates more space for pillion. Mirrors are the same as V15 and they are a little figidity to operate but do the job of showing what is behind quite well.

Engine and Gearbox


On paper, the engine is the same platform as the before and so it is the same 2-valve, SOHC, air-cooled unit which makes 10.7 PS of power at 7500 RPM and 11 Nm of torque at 5500 RPM. First things first, the refinement with the newly improved 125cc is spot on! The engine smooth and refined and has a lot of punch offered in low and the mid-range. There are no vibrations whatsoever and they only exist at redline which every single bike offers. The gearing is tall but the power band is narrow which makes the bike easier to ride at low to medium speeds. As with the V15, the V12 doesn’t offer much top-end power, but it is enough to cruise at highway without stress this time.


Throttle response is very good and fueling is spot on, there is no snatchy fueling at low speeds either. Clutch is light and gearbox is quite slick. Overall, the acceleration is much brisk and the light kerb weight of the motorcycle and slimmer tyres make it more efficient and rideable than before. We got an economy of 55 km/l with the 5’th speed in the gearbox on the highway, expect the numbers to touch 60 km/l and above.



Dynamically, the V15’s strong points have made it to the V12 as it the same chassis with minor changes to suspension and tyres. Tyres are now slimmer but still biggest in segment. Forks are slimmer and the rear gas charged suspension remains the same. The motorcycle ride is now much softer than before, there is agility which will help in weaving through traffic. All of this means ride quality is impressive at any given speed making it a very comfortable everyday ride.


The motorcycle turn in is quick enough as the geometry of rake is right and the wheelbase is short. Highway stability is top notch at high speeds. Overall, a great commuter which is fun to ride and does the job really well. We still wish it had a bigger engine, but that isn’t happening any time soon. For now you can opt for the V15.

2017 Bajaj V12 Review, Verdict


With the V15, Bajaj had many things going for it. The patriotism, the design, the performance and as always the value part. Now all of this combined and with this new motor which is extremely refined that it reminds us of the Japanese commuters. All of this make V12 a far more promising package than the V15. Bajaj has made this a package by removing some features from the V15, but it still manages to trump its 125cc premium rivals.


However, Bajaj says that all learning is gone into the V15 and the motor there is as good as this one. So if you are looking for a 125cc, this is all set to woo you, There are many things that are done just right on the v12.


Price: Rs. 56,283 Ex-showroom Delhi

2017 Bajaj V12 Review
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