Getting Ready To Go Insane: 2020 Honda CB-F Concept Is PHENOMENAL


2020 Honda CB-F Concept is the result of revisiting the CB series’ history, which reached its sixth decade last year, and thoroughly exploring what to preserve, and what to evolve with the company’s flagship sports bike. The motorcycle looks downright gorgeous in modern-retro avatar. Something that can drive sane people insane over it till the moment they buy it or probably even after getting one these things in their own garage.

2020 Honda CB-F Concept is an ambitious fusion of cutting edge technology with a design paying homage to the CB900F(CB750F in Japan), a Japanese global model which, in part through the North American racing scene, brought to the six-decades of CB models an iconic status. Just look at the rear subframe which does most of the trick to make feel more retro. The old-school tank with modern finishing makes this bike unmistakably Honda and beautiful.

Its 998cc water-cooled, 4-stroke, 4-valve, inline 4-cylinder DOHC engine eases through its rev-range and provides ample torque. The CB-F Concept’s chassis is a lightweight, high-tensile steel mono-backbone structure. Its inverted front fork suspension provides excellent road-holding capabilities over urban and winding roads alike, and realizes a superior riding feel. The rear suspension is a lightweight aluminum single-sided Pro-Arm configuration.

From Friday, March 27, Honda will be announcing on its “Honda Virtual Motorcycle Show” website the Honda booth, and 29 motorcycles covering various categories including the CB-F Concept, which were planned for release at the 36th Osaka Motorcycle Show 2020 and the 47th Tokyo Motorcycle Show.

2020 Honda CB-F Concept (1)

CB-F Concept Overview
Dimensions(L x W x H / mm)
Water-cooled, 4-stroke, 4-valve, inline 4-cylinder DOHC
6 speed

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