Aamir Khan Buy’s Bajaj V15, Customized To His Specification


Aamir Khan Buy’s Bajaj V15, the actor has been associated with the automotive world with other brands in the past as well

Bajaj’s V15 has been the center of attraction in the biking world as it here to deliver on many accounts. Bajaj promises superb ride and handling, looks that gain a lot attention along with a unique design. Also, a marketing campaign never done before and obviously patriotism that is attached to the motorcycle. INS Vikrant metal was used to make the motorcycle fuel tank and badge on top of it makes sure it truly is something different. Things that attracts the wealthy, famous and despite a standard capacity engine attached to it, Aamir khan is seen buying this motorcycle.

Customized to his own specification, there are minor detailed changes to the motorcycle that can be seen in the photographs. The red graphic seen on the tank is changed and displays the character ‘A’ in title form. There is a small ‘Chotelal’ sticker seen at the rear of cowl above, the V15 badge. Aamir Khan said that when he came to know something like this was happening, he was immediately impressed and booked the motorcycle. Rajiv Bajaj, CEO of Bajaj Auto handed over the keys to the actor at the Actor’s residence.

Aamir Khan Buys Bajaj V15

A prized possession is rarely seen coming at this price tag, the V15 is surely going into history books. With a limited set of motorcycles that will actually use the metal of INS Vikrant, as it is not set to last forever. During the press conference, the amount of metal used and how many bikes can be made with that metal is still kept unknown.

Bajaj V15, as the name suggests comes with 150cc engine that makes 13 BHP and 12 Nm of torque, has the lightest kerb weight in the segment and promises to be immensely rideable with its torque delivery and offer a lot of stability along with the company’s core trait of excellent fuel efficiency and low running costs. We would love to spot the actor riding it some day, paparazzi, start stalking!

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