EXCLUSIVE! Tata Harrier Billboard Inspired From Jeep Compass On The Mumbai-Pune Expressway Spotted


Expressway patch between Mumbai and Pune is the one of the best roads in the Maharashtra as it being widely used to do Mumbai to Goa, Bangalore and anywhere in the south. Also, the locals continue to do the usual Mumbai-Pune trips find it convenient over the NH-4. At the same time, weekend tripers use the same road to go to Lonavala, a small but modern hill station to spend time as there is more than the road trip to be enjoyed.

The small hill station offers the famed jaggery based ‘Chikki’ which is the local specialty. Obviously, thanks to tourism boom, aka hashtag wanderlust, the hill station is nightmare to cross for locals and commuters because of the narrow roads and vehicles filling up the small town to the brim.`

A quick run is more ideal as you can enjoy the lush greenery, enjoy the waterfalls gushing down from mountains all throughout the entire expressway. It is truly a great place to be in the monsoons and Tata is using it to their own advantage. Putting up a billboard which is probably going to be a scale model that will mounted on the mountain and not something you can store in your glass showcase.


This is very likely, inspired from the Jeep Compass bill board which is slightly ahead of the designated place which Tata has chosen. Jeep Compass billboard can be seen the moment the ghats start, meanwhile, the Harrier bill board is on top of the last tunnel on offer towards Lonavala and is visible while you are also heading towards Mumbai back again. The Harrier and Compass turned out to be rivals, but they also ended up in different segments. However, the rivalry caught up well in the public and media and now things are getting competitive as both continue to reach new ‘heights’. Guess, same engines *ahem* minds, think the same.

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