Mahindra Bolero Modified To Mercedes G-Wagen Really Took Place This Time!


Mahindra Bolero Modified To Mercedes G-Wagen Really Took Place because of the resemblance wasn’t enough value

Modification can be minimalist or surreal, as we know, if you have read all over the world. There are really just two aspects that boggle the mind and the eyes at the same time. We have seen Maruti’s turning into Buggati Veyron, Toyota Corolla becoming a Ferrari 360 and so on. However, there are designs on the streets of our country that already resemble icons that have done rounds in continents far away. For recent example you can see the Chinese companies shamelessly copying design from European car manufacturers as an idea to get what we are showing you today. The popular Mahindra Bolero always was and still today is the very close reminiscent of the Mercedes G-Wagen.

People know it, they cherish, both parties enjoy the leverage the get from this iconic styling that they get from it. Let it be sales, the kind of usability they offer to customers and much more. Today that was not enough for some people at a modification joint. These guys decided to ramp it up and give the owner the real deal and took his Bolero and turned it into a ‘probably’ near replica of the Mercedes. G-Wagen

Mahindra Bolero Modified To Mercedes G-Wagen gets all the new panels you would expect from the guys who custom-built it. Known by the name R&T Auto Catalyst. These guys went on and slapped G-Wagen inspired bumpers, headlamps, tail-lamps, bonnet and grille on the SUV. The entire front fascia is all set to be called a G-Wagen’s to the casual observer, while he looks in his rear view mirror.More detailing from the G-Wagen includes badges on the tail-gate, flared wheel arches, similar looking ORVMs, a spare wheel cover, which look identical and of-course the quintessential running board that completes everything. Wheel packages include spacers to make them look bigger and the AMG inspired wheel certainly can fool you at first sight.

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Interiors are leather draped and there is the same Mahindra wheel but now has a Mercedes logo on it. We think the engine is probably untouched and this is a bling vehicle with practicality and fuel economy onboard at the same time! Wanna do something like this? Do you like this!


  1. Gajender says

    Modifications of force deluxe trex cruiser

    1. Gulfam says

      Bahut badhiya banaya bolero …..mujhe bhi apne bolero modified karni he plz sampark karo mujhe 988927006 pe

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