5 New 2017 Kawasaki Models Launched In India – Full Set of Details Here


Kawasaki has just refreshed its lineup for 2017 and it includes three new models and three refreshed models which are list below

Kawasaki has been silently in the news for quite some time. It was about time they did a big shout as the superbike markets continues to grow from strength to strength. This made Kawasaki realize and the 2017 started for them with the mighty ZX-10RR being launched in the country at a great price tag. However, it wants volumes and wants to target the masses with its products. The entire range has been refreshed and there are some models that have been discontinued and there are some which stay and get all the treatment to stay in the market. Let’s have a detail look at all these motorcycles.

The new Z650 is a stunning motorcycle right in front of us. The naked street-fighter replaces the ER-6N in the country which was sold at a heavy discounted price earlier. The new motorcycle is lighter, powerful and much more great to ride Kawasaki claims. Expect it to be the best selling model after the new Z900. With a great price tag on offer, the Z650 is bound to attract the masses. Priced at Rs. 5.19 lakhs Click below to find all the numbers you need to know about the motorcycle.

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Z900 is the highlight of the day. The motorcycle is far more lighter, gets a modern tubular-trellis frame and is the mechanical highlight of the package. The new design, the same attractive price tag is just a mouth watering package hard to ignore. Priced at Rs. 9.0 lakhs. Click below for all the numbers you need to know about the motorcycle.

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Ninja 650 is star of the day as it is drastically different over the outgoing motorcycle which was the best selling motorcycle before the Z800 came. The new styling makes it look much more sharper and better. The lighter weight is the highlight of all new motorcycles from Kawasaki. With a good price tag once again, Ninja 650 won’t give buyers second thought as it is everything a biker needs in India to do. Sport riding, touring, track days, it can do it all and come back home. Click on the link below to find all the details and changes on the motorcycle.

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The evergreen (Pun intended) Ninja 300 gets a new BSIV motor just like other motorcycles above, but everything else remains the same in terms of refinement, power, flexible engine and much more that continues to be on offer. ABS is missing and the price tag is on the higher side. Despite all of this Ninja 300 seems to be doing just fine when it comes to sales. We expect it fare marginally better. Click on the link below to find all the details and changes on the motorcycle. The motorcycle is priced at Rs. 3.64 lakhs

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Versys 650 has been launched in the 2017 avatar. The engine is now BSIV compliant and now gets a new black and green paint scheme which looks very attractive. Read about all the specs and details and find the photos at the link below

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We are reviewing these motorcycles today as we speak. Wait for the reviews to come up in the course of this week and as we tell you in detail how are they to ride.

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