[VIDEO] Honda Activa Seat Modification With Hydraulic Struts Is The Need Of The Day!

Honda Activa Seat Modification With Hydraulic Struts makes it so much easier. Mahindra Gusto had a similar feature as the seat opened the other way

Mopeds can sometimes be fun. These puny gearless scoots are a great thing to go loitering around in the town. Now we people belonging to the Desi country are full of hacks, crazy mods and “jugaads”. We came across an interesting hack on the internet which perhaps will save your time and effort every time you’ll find a need to open the boot of your scoot or an Activa for that matter.

The hack is called the hydraulic boot opener. As you might have already guessed it, the mod is very similar to the one found in cars. In this technique, a single fork or sometimes a pair of hydraulic forks is used. The forks are carefully chosen according to the weight requirements.

The process of Activa Seat Modification is simple but may vary depending on the make and model of the scooter/moped. For a Honda Activa the boot is entirely taken out from the body to make the work a lot simpler and easier. After taking the boot out, holes are drilled on the front side of the boot (the tub section) and on the aft side of the seat. The holes are drilled according to the height required. For example, if you want the seat to be fully extended on opening than you’ll have to drill the holes far away from each other and vice versa if you want it the other way. We suggest you use markers to simplify the job and avoiding the time required for trial and error.

The mounts required to install the forks can be had in any auto parts store nearby. The mounts require minimum two holes to firmly fix in place which is to be taken care or. After drilling the holes, put the entire setup together with the help of nuts and bolts. Installing the seat and the boot back into the body completes the final step. Mind you this can be a tedious task and will require patience. After the completion of this mod, you no longer have to manually open the boot and that would save our time while also looking cool.

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