BMW Aurangabad Dealership Goes Live – 42 Showrooms and Service Center Up and Running


BMW Aurangabad Dealership Goes Live as the manufacturer makes sure that it serves all its customers nationwide

BMW India announced the opening of Bavaria Motors. This is the companies new fully fledged (4S) dealership in Aurangabad. The new Bavaria Motors facility is located at Chikhalthana Aurangabad. The dealership is headed by Mr. Vishal Agarwal, Managing Director, Bavaria Motors.

The launch of Bavaria Motors Aurangabad – our 42nd dealership in India, we will continue to set new standards in the premium car market in Maharashtra and provide high quality services to customers and prospects.

Spread over approximately 20,000 sq. ft., the BMW Aurangabad ultra-modern fully fledged facility of Bavaria Motors Aurangabad delivers extremely high quality standards in all processes of Sales, Service, Spare-parts and Business Systems to ensure that customers receive best-in-class pre and post sales ownership experience.

The design of the BMW Aurangabad showroom is based upon Urban Street Display concept which is a signature BMW layout with sales lounges close to the display area. The showroom will display 3 cars. The ‘Lifestyle Section’ displays premium BMW accessories for sale to customers and BMW fans. The state-of-the-art workshop comprises of 6 service bays (including mechanical, body and paint) that can service up to 360 cars per month.

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As with every other BMW dealership, Bavaria Motors has provided its staff intense training in management of sales, service, spare parts and business systems to ensure customers receive best-in-class pre and post sales ownership experience. A team of service engineers has also been trained at BMW’s training centers in Gurugram, Singapore, Malaysia and Germany.

Bavaria Motors also represents BMW India with two more sales outlets in Pune and Goa. Bavaria Motors is also an authorized dealer for BMW Motorrad in Pune. It has staffed with a strong workforce of over 250 employees across all its facilities.

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