Jeep Compass Sidestep By VagTune Will Make Your ‘Authentic’ SUV Cooler!

Jeep Compass Sidestep By VagTune Will Make Your ‘Authentic’ SUV Cooler because the way it deploys every time you open or close the door.

Jeep is a manufacturer who has the word SUV inscribed in it’s DNA. Jeep manufactures the most futuristic and rugged SUVs on the planet. In the last year, Jeep launched their much-awaited budget SUV, the Compass. There was no doubt that the package would become an instant success. The Compass was a true blue off-roader with high ground clearance and a sophisticated off-road package.

The SUV already had some tuners drooling over it. Now Vagtune, one of India’s known car tuner and the accessory supplier has introduced an Electric Side Step Kit for the Jeep Compass. The trend of side steps for cars isn’t new. Ever since big cars with high ground clearances started rolling out of assembly lines, side steps became more of a need than an accessory. I still remember the time when we owned a Mahindra Scorpio. The car’s high reach off the ground meant my tiny limbs were up for a serious task. Now however side steps make things a lot easier.

The Vagtune Intelligent Side Step Kit is an automatic system that deploys whenever the car’s door is opened and it retracts when it senses that the door is closed. It is a kit that is specifically designed for the Jeep Compass so you don’t need to worry about fitment. However, Vagtune states that installation and calibration is only to be done by a professional. This retrofit accessory is controlled by a Digital Microcontroller and has inbuilt overload and overheat protection. The mechanism is operated via a gear and a sensor attached to the side steps.

The kit includes –
1- 2 Side Steps.
2- 2 Motor with Gear and Sensor.
3- 1 Fully Intelligent Control Module.
4- 1 Assembly Support Kit.

The cost of this kit is Rs. 98500, with Rs. 76953 as the base price and Rs. 21547 as GST amount. This cost is by no means cheap, but for the price, you get incredible craftsmanship, quality service and also a warranty of one full year.

Attached below is a video to show how automated electric side steps work –

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