WHAT THE! Yamaha FZ 150 BS6 Version To Become A 12.4 PS Motorcycle – BS4 is 13.2 PS


“Yamaha FZ 150 BS6 Version To Become A 12.4 PS Motorcycle.” I think this sentence pinches every motorcycle in the country. A person who owned or never owned a Yamaha FZ. Why? because the FZ has had a bad reputation of losing horsepower every since the second version came. Power and torque figures have gone down from 14 PS and 14 Nm to this new, 12.4 PS. What is left of a sporty motorcycle?

Just the fat tyres and suspension? We think so! There is absolutely no extra power to play over a commuter motorcycle now. Even the Unicorn from Honda makes more power (12.73 PS) then the FZ now. What are at the people Yamaha thinking every time? “We will get away again with a power loss” How hard was it to maintain this power figure and let the fuel economy to be a bit lower.


Already, people with the v2.0 continue to complain that there is still no increase in fuel economy in real life riding conditions. Why? Riding enthusiastically means wringing the neck of the motor to get more power is always a way an enthusiast rides. More stress and more juicing the motor means no more economy can ever be expected. Not so great gearing and plus, fat tyres means the customers are right, it doesn’t get the fuel economy, which was the primary complain of the version 1.0 owners. You, Yamaha, did not fix it, you spoiled the basic formula and now you are doing it again with the BS6 version. The original version still had pep that it could be ridden normally or sportingly and still achieved decent fuel economy numbers.

2019 Yamaha FZ ABS (3)
FZ-16 with single channel ABS

Even if you are bringing in a powerful 15 PS 160/180cc motorcycle in the future, this step is in the wrong direction. Entry level enthusiast do deserve the extra punch and power. Sure, if you have a very long term vision towards, this move will still be counted in entirely not in the best interest of the consumer. Needless to say the styling isn’t good enough to be a benchmark in its class. You seem to have happily given your crown to the likes of TVS and Suzuki who came in late and have similar market share with minimum effort.

By – A frustrated enthusiast.


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